Welcome to Mommy-Sense

It’s Here!!! All done and ready for you.

Ever heard of Mother’s intuition?  That unexplained knowing that all mother’s seem to have when it comes to the welfare for their children?  This is where yo learn how to trust and develop that Mommy-Sense!

(Excerpt from Mommy-Sense eBook):

“Mommy sense:  Intuitive communication for me is the inner knowing we all possess that comes from Spirit, and is energy that connects us all.  I feel we are all intuitive, even if we don’t feel like we are.  You just have to activate it by focusing your thoughts to do it.  Intuition is mostly being aware of what is going on around you and learning how to decipher the signs.  That is where your intuitive language comes in.  Even if it is a gut feeling that this decision is right or wrong, it is still something inside of you that is letting you know one way or another.”

I help women trust their own instincts and what feels right as a mommy; this is what I like to call “Mommy sense”.  Mommy Sense is the natural intuitive communication all mommies are wired with which can be enhanced when they consciously connect with their baby and can carry through to adulthood.  Mommy sense is your being able to listen, be aware of what your baby needs, listening to their baby cues and understanding their language so you can build trust and a bond between you that will make communication and discipline easier, and offers many enjoyable benefits down the line while they are growing up.

And, yes, we are all wired to do this even if you don’t think you are!

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